APPLICATIONSBelts,MeshBelts,ClosedBelts,LaminatedPTFE FabricPTFE TapeSilicon Fabric
Shrink wrap tunnels
Shrink Wrap tunnel curtains
L Bar sealers
Machines for plastic film over wrap
Plastic bag production
Form , fill and seal machines for plastic bags
Dryer ovens conveyorized, hot air
Dryer ovens, conveyorized, UV cure
Microwave Cooking
Belt Grills
Pizza Crust
Snack Foods Cooking
Dehydrating Racks including(Sun Dried)
Smoking Ovens (Hickory Flavor)
Pasta Drying
Direct Food Contact Conveying
Extrusion Laminators (e.g. Milk Cartons)
Automotive Door seal Extrusion
Rubber Conveyor Belt Making
Fuse Press (Apparel)
Automotive Headliners
Filtration Media
Vinyl Flooring
Veneer Wood Drying/Pressing/Laminating)
Wood Pellet (Fuel) Bag Forming
Paint curing
Heat Sealing
Disposable Glove Making
TPU (Thermoplastic urethane) Manufacturing
Urethane Casting
Hot Plastic Conveying
Wallpaper Printing
Wallpaper Flocking
Hot Air Dryers
UV Dryers
Digital Printing
Rigid Media Printing
Photovoltaic Silicon Wafer Processing
Wave Soldering
Flexible Circuits
Electrical Insulation
Drawer Slides (UHMW)
Veneer Laminating
Paint Baking (Curing)
Veneer Pressing/Drying
Oven Liners
Vinyl Window Welding
Microwave Glue cure of laminated wood beams
Internal Bake Ovens (Alum & Steel cans)
Can Washer Dry Off Ovens
Bottle print (UV Dryers)
Shrink Packers (e.g. water bottles)
Sealant Application in Metal Lids
Yarn Twist Set
Vinyl Backed Carpet Mat
Carpet Tile Making
Rubber Backed Carpet Mats
Urethane Backed Mats
Vinyl Tile Laminating
Vinyl Flooring
Screen Print (e.g. T-shirts)
Roller Screen Print (e.g. Bed Sheets)
Relax Dryers (Shrink Dryers)
Thermal Transfer printing
High Loft Thermal Bonding
Densifying (Flattening) Press
Felt Making
Heat Setting
Thermal Bonding
Thermal Transfer Printing
Molded Pulp Paper
Melting/Separation of Plastic Regrind
Carpet Underlay from Old Carpet
Magnetic Separating
Bag Filling
Fabric Overhead Doors for mines
Hot Melt Laminating
Pure Hot Melt Web Forming
Expansion Joints (e.g. Big Boilers)
Floating Oil Booms
PTFE coated fabric structures
Head Liner/Interior Laminating
Hose (Convoluted)
Lead-Acid Battery Pasting
Auto Glass Screen Printing
Powder Coating of Metal Parts
Traction Motor Elect. Insulation
Large Laminators (Truck Bodies)
Chlor-Alkali  Plants
Duct/Pipe Insulation (Reusable)
Escape Hoods (Personal)
Chemically Corrosive Conveying (e.g. Salt)
Non Contaminating Conveying
PTFE structure repair
MIL Spec Tape for electrical insulation MIL-C-19166
Composite armor making
Composite repair
Acoustical Curtains (Theaters)
Specimen Drawer Liners (Museums)
Oven OEM’s (Hot air circulating dryers)
Oven OEM’s (UV curing)
Belt grill OEM’s
Packaging machinery OEM’s
Woodworking laminator OEM’s
Plastic Laminating machinery OEM’s
Floating roof seals in large petro storage tanks
Wire cloth screen makers
Conveyor belts
Oven liners (home use)
Radar antenna covers
Expansion joints in large boilers

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