PTFE Conveyor Belt

Aokai PTFE conveyor belt is based on our company’s fluoro resin glass fiber cloth and processed into a circular conveyor belt; the PTFE coated conveyor belt provided by Aokai includes: PTFE mesh conveyor belt and PTFE seamless conveyor belt.

It effectively uses the heat resistance, non-stick and other characteristics of a fluorine resin and is widely used in manufacturing processes in various industries.


Type of PTFE Coated Conveyor Belt

PTFE Mesh Conveyor Belt has different options of mesh holes like 1x1mm, 2×2.5mm, 4x4mm, 8x8mm, and 10x10mm. Mesh holes allow airflow to pass through and expedite moisture removal during drying. The mesh used to make PTFE open mesh belt normally with at least double weft to ensure the strength of the belt and several options of joints and edge reinforcements for you to select from.

A seamless PTFE belt is an endless PTFE belt conveyor without any joint on it; it is; woven into a circular belt first, then impregnated with PTFE. This belt is widely used in fusing machines in the garment industry because no joint impression will occur during garment pressing. The typical color of the seamless belt is black; it can be anti-static or not; white and brown stains can also be made.
Fabricated Teflon Belts are made by PTFE coated fiberglass fabric of different thicknesses. Thus, these belts are always with the joints. A forged PTFE-coated conveyor belt is always connected with an overlap joint, which means overlapping two ends of the fabric and combining two ends by hot pressing. Various tracking systems can be customized on the belt to ensure that the belt runs straight.

A laminated PTFE Fiberglass Belt is made of two layers of PTFE fabrics interlaced and laminated under a heat pressing process; the whole belt has continuously the same thickness. Perfect for tortilla press, rubber curing, and tabber stringer process. 
PTFE Belts for Tortilla Machine is made of special PTFE coated fabric, which is oil resistant and abrasion resistant; besides ensuring high release between the pressed dough and belt, the importance is that unique coating reduce oil ingression and discoloration of the belt after some time using. Various kinds of joints can be customized, sensing system can be applied to the belt.

Main Features of PTFE Belt

Main Applications of PTFE Belt