PTFE Coated Fiberglass Mesh

PTFE open mesh fabric is made of PTFE-coated fiberglass mesh; Aokai provides various mesh holes, including 1x1mm, 2×2.5mm, 4x4mm, 5x5mm, 8x8mm, 10x10mm to fit different applications. 

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Mesh is used for food drying, grilling, and open mesh conveyor belts for various ovens.

Aokai’s PTFE coated fiberglass mesh, also known as PTFE coated wire mesh, is meticulously crafted to meet the most demanding industry standards. Let’s delve into what sets this product apart, drawing from the technical parameters you provided.

Superior Performance with PTFE Mesh

Aokai’s PTFE Mesh, featuring a multi-layer PTFE (Teflon) coating, offers unmatched performance. The low coefficient of friction associated with PTFE ensures seamless coating processes, making it indispensable for precision industrial applications. With tensile strengths ranging from 220 to 680 N/cm (Warp) and 330 to 940 N/cm (Fill), our mesh guarantees robust performance under extreme conditions.

Endurance in Challenging Environments

Aokai’s PTFE coated fiberglass mesh excels in harsh environments, thanks to its corrosion and chemical resistance. With a service life of 20 years, it proves its worth in scenarios where exposure to corrosive substances is routine. The mesh’s ability to maintain its exceptional performance within a temperature range of -73℃ to +232℃ (-100°F to +450°F) further underscores its durability.

Reliability in Adverse Conditions

Aokai’s PTFE coated fiberglass mesh boasts high abrasion and heat resistance, making it a reliable choice for challenging applications. Even under extreme temperatures, it maintains structural integrity, ensuring longevity and dependability. The mesh’s gram weight, ranging from 470 to 1180 g/㎡, reflects its robust build.

The Teflon Advantage for High-Temperature Applications

As a Teflon coated fiberglass fabric, Aokai’s PTFE mesh offers unparalleled heat resistance, ideally suited for high-temperature coating processes. Its polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating ensures it can withstand temperatures between -73℃ to +232℃ (-100°F to +450°F), surpassing industry standards.

The Teflon Advantage: High Temperature and Heat Resistance

As a Teflon coated fiberglass fabric, Aokai’s PTFE mesh possesses unparalleled heat resistance. Its polytetrafluoroethylene coating ensures the mesh can withstand high temperatures, making it the preferred choice for heat-intensive coating processes.

Bencof ElectronicsQuality Assurance Director
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Impressed with Aokai's PTFE Mesh. Its non-conductive properties are crucial for our PCB manufacturing.
Smith Industries
Smith Industries Engineering Manager
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Our go-to choice for chemical filtration. Aokai's PTFE Mesh delivers top-notch performance.
Global Packaging Solutions
Global Packaging SolutionsProcurement Director,
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Efficiency in packaging matters. Aokai's PTFE Mesh streamlines our sealing processes, saving time and resources.
Precision Manufacturing Co.
Precision Manufacturing Co.Senior Project Engineer
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Aokai's PTFE Mesh is a versatile workhorse. It adapts seamlessly to our complex projects.
Environmental Specialist, GreenTech Solutions
Environmental Specialist, GreenTech Solutions
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Aokai's PTFE Mesh is pivotal in our pollution control systems. It's a game-changer in environmental protection.

Aokai’s PTFE Mesh is available in various configurations, providing solutions for a wide range of applications. Whether you require chemically resistant mesh products or a dependable mesh fabric for extreme conditions, our PTFE Mesh delivers with precision, durability, and excellence. Elevate your projects with Aokai’s expertise in PTFE coated fiberglass mesh, where technical excellence meets real-world performance.

GradePart NumberColourMesh SizeStandard width
Gram weight
Tensile StrengthAntistatic
WWS01CBrown1*1mm1000/1500/2000/3000580536410 -
520446330 -
660680620 -
660680620 -
640290400 -
580360500 -
460360500 -
580330470 -
WSS04CBrown4*4mm1000/1350/27001180480940 -
WE08CBrown8*8mm1000/1400/2000/2800500350480 -
WE10CBrown10*10mm1000/1500/2000/3000470220360 -

Aokai’s PTFE coated fiberglass mesh is a game-changer in the realm of coating systems. With its exceptional coefficient of friction, corrosion resistance, and versatility in various environments, this product redefines reliability and efficiency. Count on Aokai’s PTFE mesh for enduring excellence in abrasion and heat resistance, making it the ultimate solution for high-temperature applications. Embrace the Teflon advantage and experience unmatched performance with Aokai’s PTFE coated fiberglass mesh.


  1. Food Processing: PTFE Mesh is often used in the food industry for applications such as conveyor belts, baking sheets, and oven liners. Its non-stick properties, high-temperature resistance, and ease of cleaning make it ideal for food processing and baking.

  2. Chemical Processing: The exceptional chemical resistance of PTFE Mesh makes it suitable for use in chemical processing equipment, including filter screens and gaskets. It can withstand exposure to corrosive chemicals and maintain its integrity.

  3. Architectural and Construction: In architectural projects, PTFE Mesh can be used for exterior facades, roofing, and shading systems. Its versatility in terms of colors and sizes allows architects and designers to incorporate it into various designs.

  4. Industrial Coating: PTFE Mesh is invaluable in industrial coating processes. Its low friction properties ensure smooth and consistent coating applications, making it essential for industries that require precision coatings.

  5. Heat Sealing and Packaging: This product is used in heat sealing machines and packaging equipment. Its high-temperature resistance and non-stick surface facilitate efficient and reliable sealing of packages.

  6. Textile and Printing: PTFE Mesh is employed in textile and printing applications as conveyor belts for drying and curing processes. Its open mesh design allows for efficient airflow and heat distribution, making it ideal for drying textiles or inks.

  7. Environmental Protection: It can be used as filter media in pollution control equipment and dust collection systems. The mesh’s durability and chemical resistance ensure effective and long-lasting filtration.

  8. Electronics Manufacturing: PTFE Mesh is used in the electronics industry for applications like PCB manufacturing. Its heat resistance and non-conductive properties are advantageous in electronic assembly processes.

  9. Aerospace: In the aerospace industry, PTFE Mesh can find use in applications requiring high-temperature resistance and lightweight materials. It may be used in aircraft components, insulation, or as a protective layer.

  10. Automotive: PTFE Mesh can be incorporated into various automotive components, such as gaskets, seals, and heat shields, due to its resistance to high temperatures and chemicals.

  11. Chemical Filtration: It is employed in chemical filtration systems where the mesh’s chemical resistance ensures efficient and reliable filtration of corrosive substances.

  12. Oil and Gas: PTFE Mesh may be used in oil and gas applications for filtration, gaskets, and sealing due to its resistance to harsh chemicals and high temperatures.

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