A professional PTFE coated fiberglass fabric manufacturers


Jiangsu Aokai New Material focuses on providing high-quality PTFE products and excellent service levels.We are a professional PTFE coated fiberglass fabric manufacturers

We will help you in the following areas: basic materials, finished product quality, delivery, service, and after-sales service.

Our customers are worldwide; we supply global markets such as Australia, the Netherlands, and Vietnam as easily as we deliver locally in China.

Jiangsu Aokai is committed to building long-term and close relationships with all customers. We support and assist with new developments, applications, and improvements where possible.

As part of the education of all employees, we conduct extended in-house training in all areas and aspects of our challenging but interesting market.

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Fast delivery

We have a large stock of semi-finished products (PTFE fabric) which enables us to deliver quickly.

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> Aokai products meet your requirements

> Advice, support and repairs are part of our standard service

> Produce and ship standard size tapes in one day

> Conveyor belt produced and dispatched within three days

> 24 hours fast delivery and urgent repair

> Our team would love to work with you


Aokai Approach


efficient planning

With the help of the cloud management system, we can arrange the production cycle of the order at the first time to ensure the arrival time of the goods.


production capacity

Aokai has spent most of its income on expanding product lines and R&D teams in the past three years. Currently, we have 12 product lines to ensure supply capacity.


extensive inventory

We specify standard items for the common specifications of all our products, and we regularly produce a portion of our stock for quick shipment worldwide.

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