PTFE Tortilla Belts

PTFE Belts for Tortilla Machine

As a leading manufacturer of PTFE conveyor belts, Aokai understands the importance of using the right equipment in tortilla production. 

Our PTFE Tortilla Belts have been engineered with precision to provide high-performance, durability, and efficiency in every use. With our cutting-edge conveyor belt technology, your flour tortilla production process will be streamlined and optimized for maximum productivity. 

Our PTFE Tortilla Belts are not only designed to meet the rigorous demands of tortilla production but also to maintain the high-quality standards necessary for the final product. Investing in our belts will not only help you keep up with the competition, but it will also improve your bottom line with increased efficiency and higher-quality tortillas. 

Let Aokai be your partner for superior conveyor belt solutions.

Wire Diameter.072″1.83 mm
Strands per Foot32104.99 m⁻¹
Pitch (Max).381″9.68 mm
Pitch (Min).375″9.52 mm
Opening Between Wires (Max).309″7.85 mm
Opening Between Wires (Min).303″7.7 mm
Belt Thickness at Joint.205″5.2 mm
End Loop Size.313″7.95 mm
Minimum Space Width2.25″57.15 mm
XT Space Width.875″22.22 mm
Weight per Square Foot (Avg).650 lbs.3.17 kg/m²
Maximum Belt Load per Square Foot15 lbs.73.24 kg/m²
Maximum Tension per Joint18 lbs.8.16 kg
Minimum Sprocket Size1.625″41.28 mm
Minimum Transfer Diameter.563″14.3 mm
Maximum Recommended Speed75 FPM22.86 m/min
Typical Open Area71%71%

Excellence in Tortilla Production with High-Performance PTFE Conveyor Belts

Elevate your tortilla production to new heights with our PTFE conveyor belts. Designed specifically for flour tortilla machines, our belts seamlessly combine superior quality belting materials, cutting-edge technology, and a distinctive design aesthetic. The PTFE coated fabric in our tortilla press belts enhances durability, reduces friction, and boosts operational efficiency—making them an ideal choice for high-speed, high-temperature environments.

Aesthetically Appealing and Practical Design

The distinctive vivid blue hue of our PTFE conveyor belts symbolizes our dedication to meeting the highest standards in food production. It also assists in quickly identifying potential contamination, promoting hygiene, and safeguarding your production process.

Durable and Strong: PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric

The strength of our PTFE conveyor belts lies in the materials used. Each belt is made from PTFE coated fiberglass fabric, a material known for its exceptional strength and heat resistance. This ensures our belts can withstand the rigors of continuous operation, translating into less downtime, reduced maintenance, and extended service life.

Engineered for Efficiency and Excellent Heat Transfer

Engineered for efficiency, our tortilla press belts facilitate a smoother, faster tortilla production process. The coated fiberglass ensures heat transfer is effectively managed, and the stick property of PTFE coating ensures seamless operation, minimizing the risk of product loss or damage. Furthermore, the belts’ open mesh design and overlap splice increase throughput by allowing heat to dissipate quickly.

Superior Technical Properties and Durability

In terms of technical properties, our belts are heat sealed and feature an overlap splice for superior durability. The PTFE coating is heat resistant, resistant to chemicals, and corrosion, making it suitable for various operating conditions. Additionally, the release properties of our PTFE coated belts ensure the effortless release of flour tortillas, enhancing the overall efficiency of your tortilla press.

High-Performance Solution for Tortilla Production

Experience the difference with our PTFE conveyor belts. With our commitment to technical excellence and a keen understanding of the specific demands of tortilla production, we aim to deliver a significant boost to your production efficiency. It’s not just about creating a high-performance product—it’s about providing a solution that works for you, increasing your profitability and delivering the finest quality tortillas to your customers.

Tips: PTFE conveyor belt is a customized product, we will provide suitable products according to your needs.

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