PTFE Tortilla Belts

PTFE Belts for Tortilla Machine

Teflon belts for the tortilla machine is called tortilla press belt. The belt is woven fiberglass fabric coated with standard or unique PTFE coating. 



The Tortilla conveyor belt with a unique coating is specialized for tortilla machines; a hot platen compresses the dough on this belt to create the tortilla crust, and its high release property prevents the dough from sticking to the waistband at high speed. 


Normally the strap is made of castellated joints; a steel sensor can be customized on the belt to avoid pressing at the joint part.

We have tortilla press belts in economic type, standard type, and premium type:

● Our premium makes economic tortilla conveyor belt PTFE coated fiberglass, in thickness of 0.25mm or 0.35mm in brown color, which provides good tensile strength and a smooth and non-stick surface during tortilla production; the belt is connected by a castellated Joint which is made of Kevlar material to ensure highest stability.

● Standard tortilla press belt is made with our PTFE-coated fiberglass in brown or blue color, which is treated with unique PTFE coating; this special coating has higher release property than economic material and help to reduce fat and oil permeability. All these improved features help to increase the tortilla’s productivity and extend the belt’s lifetime.

● Premium tortilla press belt is a 2ply belt made by our unique PTFE coated fiberglass in blue color; laminating process increases abrasion and mechanical strength, maximizing the belt’s lifetime. Another highlight of the 2ply tortilla press belt is it’s seamless; end users don’t need to worry about leaving marks on the pressed tortillas.

Tips: PTFE conveyor belt is a customized product, we will provide suitable products according to your needs, click on the right to contact us for product information.