PTFE Seamless Belt

Seamless PTFE belt

PTFE seamless belt is made of fiberglass specially knitted to be seamless and then impregnated with PTFE resin on both sides; 

PTFE seamless fusing machine belt overcomes the problem of break down at joints, not stable and deflecting that belt with the joints may occur due to girth difference on both sides at the joint part, this seamless, woven substrate ensure high mechanical strength, the significantly increased life span of belts. 


With PTFE coating, the belt has a non-stick surface, high heat resistance, wide used for the fusing, curing, and lamination process; no joint markings will be transferred to the finished products, and the seamless provides a longer lifetime.

Product Specifications

We provide two types of belts:

PTFE fusing conveyor belt
PTFE fusing machine conveyor belt


PTFE seamless belt comes out with seamless after weaving, then impregnated with PTFE coating; the straps have a smooth surface and high tensile strength; it can be made with an anti-static effect (black version) if needed.

Some belts are not able to be made into PTFE seamless fusing machine belt because of sizes; then we will recommend our customers use our PTFE laminated belt, the belt is also called a 2ply PTFE belt; this belt use two layers of PTFE fabric staggered and welded together, laminated belt presents better performance on abrasion resistance and tensile strength for long operating life.

Tips: PTFE conveyor belt is a customized product; we will provide the right products you need, click on the right to contact us for product information.

Aokai PTFE Seamless Conveyor Belts for HASHIMA