PTFE Seamless Belt​

Seamless PTFE belt

Are you in search of a top-notch PTFE seamless belt that exceeds expectations in terms of quality and performance?

Look no further! Aokai, a renowned and professional PTFE coated fabric manufacturer, proudly presents our cutting-edge PTFE Seamless Belt​, engineered to revolutionize seamless fusing, screen printing, and various industrial applications.

1. Anti-Static Properties: Our PTFE seamless belt is equipped with anti-static features, reducing static electricity buildup and safeguarding sensitive electronic components and processes from potential damage.

2. High Tensile Strength: With its exceptional strength, our PTFE seamless belt offers reliable and durable performance even under high-tension conditions, ensuring longevity and efficiency in your operations.

3. Multi-Layered PTFE Fabrics: Our PTFE seamless belt consists of multiple layers of high-quality PTFE fabrics, meticulously designed to optimize performance, enhance stability, and deliver consistent results.

4. The Perfect Conveyor Belt Solution: Our PTFE seamless belt is an ideal choice for conveyor belt systems, providing smooth and reliable material transfer while withstanding the rigors of industrial processes.

5. Endless Belt for Seamless Applications: With our PTFE seamless belt, achieve flawless seamless fusing and enjoy the benefits of uninterrupted production. Say goodbye to inconvenient splices and embrace seamless perfection.

6. Unmatched Screen Printing Performance: Experience impeccable results in screen printing with our PTFE seamless belt. Its smooth surface and exceptional non-stick properties ensure precise ink transfer and effortless cleaning, taking your screen printing to new heights.

7. PTFE Coated Glass Fabrics: Our PTFE seamless belt features a high-quality PTFE coating on premium glass fabrics, combining the best of both materials for enhanced durability and performance.

8. Remarkably Smooth Surface: The seamless design of our PTFE belt, coupled with its smooth surface, guarantees optimal contact with your materials, minimizing friction and ensuring exceptional product finish.

Aokai PTFE Seamless Conveyor Belts for HASHIMA

Product Specifications

We provide two types of seamless belts:

PTFE fusing conveyor belt
PTFE fusing machine conveyor belt


PTFE seamless belt comes out with seamless after weaving, then impregnated with PTFE coating; the straps have a smooth surface and high tensile strength; it can be made with an anti-static effect (black version) if needed.

Some belts are not able to be made into PTFE seamless fusing machine belt because of sizes; then we will recommend our customers use our PTFE laminated belt, the belt is also called a 2ply PTFE belt; this belt use two layers of PTFE fabric staggered and welded together, laminated belt presents better performance on abrasion resistance and tensile strength for long operating life.

Tips: PTFE conveyor belt is a customized product; we will provide the right products you need, click on the right to contact us for product information.

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