PTFE Fiberglass Tape

PTFE Adhesive Tape

PTFE structures PTFE impregnated fiberglass tape applied with pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive on one side; the main features of PTFE Fiberglass Tape coated with Teflon PTFE are excellent release surface, high-temperature resistance up to 260°C( 500°F) and strong adhesion under high heat.

Our PTFE coating is imported from Japan, providing quick release, abrasion resistance, and a smooth surface. 

The basic material is woven fiberglass fabric, making the PTFE-impregnated fiberglass tape tear resistant. Pressure-sensitive adhesive is imported from the USA, with relatively lower initial adhesion but higher adhesion under high heat; the bond will not produce residual on the peeled peel-off machine.

PTFE fiberglass tape can be with or without yellow release paper on the back, normally jumbo rolls like 1m x 50m and 1m x 30m with liner on the back, and small rolls like 25mm x 10m, 50mm x 10m may work with or without liner.

The Advantage of fiberglass tape coated with Teflon PTFE

Applications of PTFE Fiberglass Tape

SeriesPart NumberColourOverall
Base cloth
Gram weight
Tensile Strength
180 ° peel
GPGPS013CBrown0.131000/125015536096 -
GPS013BKBlack0.131000/125015540010 -10^7-10^5
GPS015WWhite0.151000/1250200500106 -
GPA016CBrown0.161000/1250220530116 -
GPA016BKBlack0.161000/125022060012 -10^7-10^5
GPE017CBrown0.171000/1250250680116 -
GPE017BKBlack0.171000/125025070012 -10^7-10^5
GPS018CBrown0.181000/1250270730136 -
GPS018BKBlack0.181000/125027073013 -10^7-10^5
GPS020CBrown0.20 1000/1250316820126 -
GPS023CBrown0.23 1000/1250370880136 -
GPS023BKBlack0.23 1000/125037078013 -10^7-10^5
GPS025CBrown0.25 1000/1250410915126 -
GPS028CBrown0.28 1000/1250500980136 -
GPS028BKBlack0.28 1000/125050099013 -10^7-10^5
GPS030CBrown0.30 1000/12505301050146 -
GPS030BKBlack0.30 1000/1250530108014 -10^7-10^5
GPS035CBrown0.35 1000/12506251450146 -