Toaster Conveyor Belts

Toaster conveyor belt

Aokai’s high-speed toaster belts, the secret behind perfectly toasted bread in top food service restaurants like Subway.

Made from silicone coated glass fiber fabric, our silicone coated toaster belt guarantees a non-toxic, food-grade experience.

Why is this a game changer? With a unique wavy tread system, these conveyor toasters ensure your bread grips and glides seamlessly. No more half-toasted buns!

Ever heard of the roundup toast technique? It’s all about getting the ideal heat and time, and our conveyer belt toaster masters it. The anti-slippery, non-stick surface makes it a dream for bread and bags alike. Plus, the conveyor speed is perfectly optimized to deliver numerous slices per hour.

And guess what? Businesses love us. From prince castle to marshall air, commercial toasters everywhere are elevating their toasting game with our belts. Why? Because these belts are designed not just to toast, but to impress.

The Advantages of conveyor belt toaster

Step into the future of food service with our advanced toaster belts, crafted meticulously to change how you see conveyor toasters! At the core, these belts are designed with unyielding strength to withstand soaring temperatures up to 260℃ (550℉). Yes, our silicone coated toaster belt handles heat like a champ and ushers in an era of high-speed, uniformly toasted bread.

But that’s not all! Dive into a world where anti-slip and a nonstick surface converge, assuring that your bread and bags move smoothly, and cleanup is a breeze. What’s more, the flexibility of our toaster conveyor belts means they are easy to install and effortlessly fit even the tiniest rollers. Imagine a conveyer belt toaster that resists wear and tear, promising a longer lifetime and consistent performance.

Navigating the bustling world of commercial toasters, we prioritize safety and quality. That’s why our belts boast food-grade material that’s FDA compliant, safely touching your food directly. And let’s not forget – they stand tall against UV, IR, and HF, exhibiting excellent flex fatigue resistance.

Welcome a conveyor toaster belt that speaks the language of efficiency, adapting to the speedy pace of food service environments and ensuring that the conveyor speed aligns with your needs, delivering countless slices per hour.

Our commitment? A future where your toaster belts do more than just transport; they transform your toasting, from prince castle setups to marshall air spaces, making every piece of toasted bread a testament to perfection.

Standard sizes of Toaster Conveyor Belts



28,58 x 76,84 cm

11.25″ x 30.25″

11,43 x 88,58 cm

4.5″ x 34.875″

22,54 x 73,34 cm

8.875″ x 28.875″

31,12 x 85,73 cm

12.25″ x 33.75″

34,77 x 80,96 cm

13.6875″ x 31.875″

If you want a conveyor belt that revolutionizes toasting, our toaster conveyor belts are the answer. Say goodbye to unevenly toasted bread and hello to the future of food service toasting!

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