Toaster Conveyor Belts

Toaster conveyor belt

Toaster conveyor belts are specially designed for fast food service restaurants like Subway for toasters. 

This toaster belt is structured by woven glass fiber fabric coated with non-toxic and food-grade silicone. The material offers temperature resistance and an anti-slippery and non-stick surface. 

The conveyor belt toaster has a wavy tread system on one side that helps the belt grip the bun throughout the toasting process, providing the desired heat and time.

The Advantages of conveyor belt toaster

Standard sizes of Toaster Conveyor Belts



28,58 x 76,84 cm

11.25″ x 30.25″

11,43 x 88,58 cm

4.5″ x 34.875″

22,54 x 73,34 cm

8.875″ x 28.875″

31,12 x 85,73 cm

12.25″ x 33.75″

34,77 x 80,96 cm

13.6875″ x 31.875″